• 10/10: One of Chillingo’s best games. If you are after a new innovative game then don’t go past Diggin' Dogs

  • 5/5: A huge amount of smoothly scaling levels, Diggin' Dogs is an addictive and easy game to recommend

  • Chillingo have a track record of publishing cute and entertaining casual games and with Diggin' Dogs they've done it again

  • 4.5/5: Seriously, I had trouble putting it down. Wonderful variety of levels, cool power-ups, more than one way to reach the goal

  • Genuinely challenging. This game is downright habit forming. Damn you Chillingo!

  • A game which has humor and excellent features in abundance in short it’s the BOMB!!

  • Pure fun for doggie lovers who like a bit of excitement, cuteness and rapid gameplay action!

  • 4/5: Diggin’ Dogs is a should buy that is an entertaining change of pace experience.

  • 92%: I really enjoyed playing Diggin' Dogs. It has it's own flavor for sure.

  • Great level design challenges players to think ahead. Good amount of content to play through. Controls well.

  • Easily one of the weirdest games I’ve seen in recent memory.

  • 84%: This is a really fun and playable puzzle game. If you are looking for a fun puzzle game then this one is certainly worth a look.



When three precocious puppies find a map leading to buried treasure, we don't have to tell you what happens next. Help this trio of charming pooches dig deep into the earth while avoiding traps and picking up power-ups, all in the name of good ol' fashioned gold. So cute, so fun.

Meet the dogs


Full of sleep and full of slobber, this chubby chappy likes steaks, tickles and bedtime.
In that order.


Always sniffing out adventure, Rocco's a tough little puppy who "don't fetch sticks for nobody".


Runnin', fetchin', catchin', diggin'. This is one princess who doesn't mind getting her paws dirty.



Turns nasty poisonous mushrooms into shiny coins

Electro Zapper

Guards against harmful batteries, and delivers a nasty shock to unsuspecting foes

Fire helmet

Essential gear for a brush with magma

Gas Mask

Protection from the toxic stuff

Coin Magnet

Pulls in nearby coins, even through solid objects


Provides a small amount of light in the areas of darkness


Sends dogs airbourne, nothing out of reach

Spray Can

Head-mounted foe control at its finest

Mystery Hat

You’ll have to dig deep for this one!

  • 5 worlds
  • Over 60 levels
  • Endless puzzle action