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May 28, 2015

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Dash. Collect. Die. Repeat.
A deceptively simple game about timing

Say hello to your new bus / train / paraglider / waiting room / toilet buddy! From the makers of One More Line.


The trick with these games is to make the game simple enough that anyone can play but add subtle depth that once you get better at it provides longevity. By allowing players to “bounce back” we let players choose their risk level. There may be instances where the next node provides no additional points but allows you to survive.

There’s no "pay to win revives” or “power-ups” just you, the nodes and the spinning barriers. The game is all about timing and the risk vs reward of trying to collect all 3 points per dash.

The game's simple art direction is a nod from One More Line but we’ve also allowed players to customise the game with avatars and themes.

For music we collaborated once again with Jared Underwood from Batterie who has scored our previous two titles. His level of passion and ability always brings a rich and unique vibe that’ll have you boppin’ while you’re poopin’.

We hope that anyone who played One More Line will think this a worthy follow up and we look forward to keeping the “One More...” franchise alive with two more releases this year. We’re also working on a variety of larger titles so stay in the loop via Twitter for more them.


After the success of One More Line we decided to keep going with the “poop/toilet break” score chaser game genre that has gained us many fans.


  • Simple and intense gameplay
  • Slick design with dozens of unlockable colour themes and avatars
  • Love the game but hate ads? Single IAP to remove ads. That’s it!
  • Mission system to keep you coming back
  • Original “Space Groove” soundtrack composed by Jared Underwood / Batterie


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download all screenshots & photos as .zip (3MB)
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Listen to the sweet beats from Batterie.
Share the Love, buy the tunes. batterie.com.au.

About SMG Studio

SMG is dedicated to producing games with original and licensed IP.

What does S.M.G stand for? Small Medium Giants? Sensible Motorcycle Gang? Six Million Gorillas?! We could tell you, but where's the fun in that?

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One More Dash Credits

Hendrik Schoenmaker
Developer, SMG

Tim Taylor
Developer, SMG

Ilija Melentijevic
Art, SMG

Mark Fennell
Executive Producer, SMG

Ash Ringrose
Executive Producer, SMG

Rob Snars
Producer, SMG

Jared Underwood
Music, Batterie

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